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How do I remove and attach the facemask on my SpeedFlex helmet?Updated 4 months ago

You'll beed to start with the right tools: a screwdriver or powder drill and a Riddell Quick Release Tool.

To remove the facemask, use your Quick Release Tool or screwdriver and poke the center button of the pins to disengage them. Life the facemask clips to remove the pins and set them aside. Separate the center of each clip to widen the gap and remove the hardware.

To attach the facemask, start with your facemask hardware. The larger clips go on top, smaller clips on the bottom. Open the gap in the middle of the clip and fasten it to the facemask. Position the clips facing inward, and line the clips up with the holes on the sides of the helmet. Put the Quick Release Pin in the center of the clip and use the Quick Release Tool to first engage the button, then use the opposite end of the tool to put pressure on the pin until you hear a click.

Watch this video to see it in action:

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