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How to check order status?Updated 4 months ago

Facemask Reconditioning: Once the order has been placed and processed, you will receive an email confirmation. All facemasks are hand-dipped to your specified color(s), per order. It will range 3-4 weeks for order completion. At completion, you will receive an email with tracking details for your order.

Football Facemask Recon Explained:

Helmet Builds: Helmet assembly orders will take the shipping method timeframe you chose, plus an additional 3-5 days for assembly. Note: We cannot guarantee delivery by the estimated date. For order status, contact us if tracking information is not received within your shipping timeframe.

All Other Orders: Shipping typically takes 3-11 business days, unless you've chosen expedited shipping. For order inquiries, email, chat, text, or call us if you haven't received tracking information within your expected timeframe.

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