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Can I customize a helmet for my business or event?

Yes, we offer the opportunity to transform any field-use helmet into a powerful brand ambassador. Imagine a bespoke helmet adorned with personalized decals, tailored to showcase your business or elevate your influencer status. Connect with our...

How long will my field-use helmet last?

Believe it or not, your helmet can last up to 10 years, but many helmets need to be replaced sooner due to wear and tear, growth, change in hair style, or aging out of your helmet.

How can I get my helmet to last longer?

Clean your helmet, and do it well! You should clean the inside and outside with mild detergent and warm water. Protect your helmet. While it is made for hits, don't throw it around. Treat it like an important piece of equipment. Store it properly....

How do you ensure the proper fit of helmets?

We provide detailed sizing guides for helmets on our website. If you're unsure about sizing, our customer support team is ready to assist you in finding the right fit for optimal safety and comfort. If you live in South Carolina, stop by our...

Can I order customized Green Gridiron merchandise other than player gear?

Absolutely! In addition to helmets and accessories, we offer a range of Green Gridiron merch.

How do I stay updated on new product releases and promotions?

Join the Team by subscribing to our email and SMS on our website. We regularly share updates on new product releases, promotions, and exclusive offers for our subscribers.

What's the difference between the Adult and Youth SpeedFlex helmets?

The shell size remains consistent across helmets, with a youth medium matching an adult medium. The key distinction lies in the internal padding youth helmets feature four inflation points, while adult helmets have five and the adult padding is...

Will the Adult Internal SpeedFlex Padding fit a Youth Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet?

No, the Youth Riddell SpeedFlex requires its specific internal padding, with four inflation points. The Adult SpeedFlex padding is designed differently with five points, and the Crown Pad is non-inflatable for youth models. To ensure proper fit...

What's the difference between the Adult and Youth Schutt F7 helmets?

Similar to the Riddell SpeedFlex, there is no difference in the shell sizing measurements. The Youth Medium carries the same measurements as the Adult Medium. Any Schutt F7 facemask will fit a Youth and/or Adult helmet.

When will specific item(s) be restocked?

If you would like to be among the first notified when we receive our next shipment, please click the orange "Notify Me When It's Available" button at the bottom of the product page. We do not know when new shipments will arrive. We will send you a...

Is the Cam-Loc chinstrap compatible with all helmets?

The cam-loc chinstrap is only compatible for the Riddell SpeedFlex due to the cam-loc system. Other helmets will need the buckle system chinstraps.Watch these videos:. F7 Helmet. Speed Helmet.

Why do I have a gap between my facemask and helmet?

In order for the facemasks to be able to transition between the sizes, you will have that gap. The smaller the helmet, the bigger the gap will be between the facemask. Adding a Visor may help close the gap.

What is the difference between Replica vs Authentic vs SpeedFlex helmets?

Replica helmets feature an internal plastic plate, making them unsuitable for wearing. Designed for display purposes only, replicas lack the padding necessary for comfort. Authentic helmets, though wearable, are not intended for field use. For a...

Are Collectible helmets certified for Field-Use?

Collectible helmets are not certified or intended for field-use. Collectible helmets are sized as Adult Large only and cannot be changed. Check out our collectibles page.

What size chinstrap should I choose?

It is recommended to purchase the same size as the helmet purchased. It all points down to comfort and personal preference.

Is the Oakley Pro Visor compatible for all helmets?

The Oakley Pro is specifically designed for the Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet, only. Please keep in mind, the Pro Visor is not compatible with the Zuti facemasks. YET!. Check out this video:.

What visor is compatible with the Zuti SpeedFlex facemasks?

Zuti facemasks are tested for visor compatibility using SHOC Visors. The Oakley Legacy or Unbranded Visors may fit, but won't give a seamless look. Read more here: The Best Visor for Zuti

What visor is compatible for the Schutt F7 2.0 VTD?

Oakley Legacy, Unbranded, Nike 2.0, Under Armour/ 2.0, Nike Vapor. All compatible visors for each helmet can be found under the facemask, in the helmet builder.

What visors are compatible with the Riddell Speed Victor- I Helmet?

Oakley Legacy, Unbranded, Nike 2.0, Under Armour/ 2.0, Nike Vapor. All compatible visors for each helmet can be found under the facemask, in the helmet builder.

What visor will fit the Vicis Zero2?

We only recommend the Oakley Edge for the best compatible fitting.

Will a Schutt Vengeance facemask fit on a Schutt F7 VTD?

No, you will need a Vengeance facemask for a Schutt Vengeance helmet. It is relatively wider than the F7 facemasks.

How do I know the right size helmet to get?

For players 14 and older, switch to an Adult helmet. Measure your head just above the eyebrows with a soft tape measure, then use our website's sizing charts for the right helmet size.

Which facemask hardware should I use: Standard, Light Weight, or HS4?

Lightweight clips will only fit lightweight facemasks. HS4 Clips will only fit HS4 facemasks. The clips are designed specifically for the smaller gauge metal. Standard Facemask clips are your standard clips for most of your Speed facemasks. They...

Why are the facemask options limited on the Riddell Speed Victor-I, XXS/ XS helmet?

For the XXS/ XS Riddell Victor-I helmet, the only facemask small enough to fit is the S2BD-HS4 SMALL for Riddell Speed/Victor and S2EG-SMALL-1P for Riddell Speed/Victor.

Why did SportStar stop making cam-loc chinstraps?

Riddell has a patent on the cam-loc technology, unfortunately, SportStar had to stop making them.

Can you add an NFL or NCAA logo to a field-use helmet?

Due to licensing issues, we do not sell or provide any NFL or NCAA team-affiliated decals. Licensed team decals come applied on collectible helmets. The only decals we offer are listed on our website.

Can I order decals?

Visit our Team Services page to request a quote for decals. Please keep in mind, due to licensing issues, we do not sell or provide any NFL or NCAA team-affiliated decals.

Can I customize my field-use helmet?

At Green Gridiron, we take immense pride in presenting a myriad of customization options that allow you to elevate your game. Customize your helmet to fit your team and position by upgrading your helmet with facemasks, visors, chinstraps, and perfect

What visor can I wear?

HS/NCAA football league rules state only 100% clear visors are approved for game use. If you are unsure, talk to your coach or go with a clear visor. Some leagues allow alternate visors during practice or promotional use. ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR COACH

What visor count as clear?

Visors with no coloring, mirrored finish, or tint are considered clear. Visors are not a required part of a standard football uniform, so what you're allowed to wear may vary. When in doubt, get it in clear!. Check out this blog post for more informa

How do I remove and attach the facemask on my SpeedFlex helmet?

You'll beed to start with the right tools: a screwdriver or powder drill and a Riddell Quick Release Tool. To remove the facemask, use your Quick Release Tool or screwdriver and poke the center button of the pins to disengage them. Life the facemask